Integrated Somatic Therapy


Transform Your Thought Patterns

Bring More Joy and Satisfaction

Into Your Daily Life

You Are Extraordinary

I customize therapy based on your unique qualities, values, and personality. My approach will help you discover, heal, and align with your true essential self.

Learn how to easily create solutions, feel healthier, happier, and how to bring more fulfilling opportunities into your life. Become a skilled communicator so that you can enhance all of your relationships.

Roxanne Fuller MA LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist



2416 Central Ave. Suite A

Alameda, Ca 94501

Trauma and Grief Recovery

Individual, Family, Couples, Children

Therapy Groups

Highly Sensitive People

Yoga Retreats

Sand Tray Therapy

Energetic Healing

Marriage & Family Therapist License  #80498